Karina, a woman with super short brown hair is wearing a head, red lipstick and feather-like earrings

Karina Sturm

Hi, I’m Karina, the owner of this blog. Most of the time, I write about everything related to my crazy, turbulent, chronically ill life with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and many other invisible illnesses. On my long journey to finding a diagnosis, I discovered my passion for writing and was awarded a MA in journalism in 2020. I work as a freelance journalist for national and international publications with a focus on the accurate representation of people with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Belo, a young man with short brown hair sits on beautiful stairs in a garden covered in red roses. He smiles and has one hand on his black guide dog

Firsts – A short documentary series featuring artists with disabilities

During one of my internships, I worked with Belo Cipriani, a blind journalist and advocate for people living with disabilities. Belo recently established a publishing house called Oleb Books with the mission to represent people with disabilities…
Karina, a woman with short brown hair is wearing a black hat and huge earrings
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How it all began: Getting diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Oh Gosh, I feel like I have told this story too many times, but you are new here, so I might as well share it again. So this is how it all began and the reason why you are here, on my Blog, today. I try to keep it short, though.  Am…