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Code of Ethics
  1. Honesty: One of my most important values, which I also take seriously in my private life, is to try to always be honest – no matter how unpleasant the truth might be. Especially in my journalistic work, I am following this rule.
  2. Sources: I name as many sources as possible. Scientific publications are to be used for all medical articles. Additionally, it is a matter of concern for me that medical reporting is transparent and easy to understand. Therefore, I cite and name scientific publications concretely.
  3. Research: Most of my medical articles require a very careful and extensive research in which I invest weeks and read up to 50 publications on the subject.
  4. Emotion: Besides the medical facts, it is important for me to also show how people are actually feeling about their condition. However, I do not like exaggerating or overdramatizing the human experience. Emotion is important, exaggeration unnecessary.
  5. Opinion: Objectivity is my goal, but to reach full objectivity is not simple. Human beings have personal values and experiences and those manifest themselves in the person’s work as well. I am no exception. Nonetheless, I try to clearly distinguish personal opinion from facts. Opinion is marked as such, and opinion that does not represent my own is presented too.
  6. Respect: I treat all people with respect and honor their right for privacy. I might change names in my articles if this is necessary to protect the person’s identity. Name changes are clearly marked as such. I treat all people the same way, regardless of their ethnicity, social standing, religion, etc.
  7. Conflicts of interest are to be avoided and if they occur, they are clearly stated.
  8. My articles and I are not going to be changed by anyone in their favor. My work and I are independent.
  9. Mistakes are to be corrected immediately and clearly marked. Humans can make errors. I feel strongly about admitting mistakes openly. If someone informs me about a fallacious statement in my work, I will immediately correct and highlight it.
  10. Confidentiality: I do not disclose information of sources without their explicit consent.
  11. In the first place, I am a human being, not a journalist. I know, journalists are supposed to be silent observers, and should never interfere, and I usually stick to that. But if a situation should occur in which another person will be seriously harmed or injured, I see my duty as a human to offer help.
  12. Above all, I want to give a voice to those who would otherwise remain invisible. In doing so, I pay particular attention to the impact my coverage could have on their situation. I immediately declare my personal motivation.
  13. Dialogue: I am always available for questions and suggestions.
  14. Images and video: I do not alter images or edit videos in a way that they appear in a wrong context.

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